Type: ICS Defender Series

ICS360.IAM (Identity Access Mgmt.)

Products Uncontrolled access to critical PC assets can significantly increase the likelihood of successful attacks or accidents. Therefore, solutions must consider both un-networked systems and those on a corporate network. Product Information Managing user access cannot be a full-time job, especially when dealing with users on standalone PCs which are difficult to manage. Requiring users …

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ICS360.DCC (Cybersecurity Console)

Products Monitor assets via asset detection deployed to ICS360.Defenders, remote users, and easily create, retrieve, and restore backups to individual ICS360.Defenders. Product Information The Dynics Cybersecurity Console (DCC) provides users with a single pane of glass to view and manage as many or as few ICS360.Defenders (ICS360.Defender) or ICS360.IAM (user access for shop floor PCs) …

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