Defender 1U

Industrial Security Appliance Rackmount

DYNICS ICS360.Defender 1U is an Industrial Control System Security Appliance hosting the ICS360.Defender Security platform from DYNICS. The compact hardware is capable of a Firewall with Deep Packet Inspection, VPN Server and Client, and so much more! ICS360.Defender supports popular Industry standard protocols and can auto-learn industrial network traffic to minimize manual rule creation. The 1U chassis can act as an 8-Port Switch or Router in conjunction along with all the other great features mentioned.

Hardware Characteristics

  • 1U Rack Mount Chassis

  • AC Power Input

  • 8x RJ45 NICS, or 6x RJ45 & 2x SFP NICS

  • 2x USB 3.0 Ports

  • Analog VGA Port