Our Products

DYNICS industrial solutions combine the power and flexibility of an integrated computer system in all of our computer modules.

Power comes from the latest components that offer increased performance with less heat generation and greater performance by matching multiple FRONT displays with BACK computer chassis and then configuring it to match your specific industrial requirements.

Small Format Products

All DYNICS Flat Panel Monitors, Computer Modules, Integrated Workstations and Rackmount Chassis are designed and built to withstand high vibrations, temperature extremes, and the harshest industrial environments.

Choose from an extensive selection of Industrial Computers to better match your industrial needs.

Industrial Flat Panel Monitors
Industrial Computer Modules
Industrial Panel PCs
Industrial Integrated Workstation
Industrial Rackmount Chassis
ThinManager Enabled Hardware
CW Displays - Single & Back-To-Back Configurations​
LW Sealed Displays​
PWS Mobile Displays​
UW37 - Ultra Wide​
AW Interactive Series

Large Format Products

DYNICS offers the most comprehensive line of industrial computers and large LCD industrial signage products available today.

We focus in providing high quality hardware in flexible product lines with custom integration.


For managing and controlling digital signage in industrial environments, and with multi-user functionality, we offer a system which allows cloud and local control of alarms, trends, security features, graphical displays, configuration, project control, and version control.

SC-UPS3500 Power Supply
IPS200 Power Supply
IPS550 Power Supply
PT-PoE & EM PoE Power Over Ethernet

Power Management Products

DYNICS Power Management Products are designed to stand up in harsh industrial environments. They are high reliability and low maintenance, and can even protect sensitive equipment (SC-UPS3500)

ICS Defender Products

The DYNICS ICS360.Defender is an Industrial Control System Security Platform. The ICS360.Defender meets today's needs of OT and IT professionals as a comprehensive solution that is powerful enough to support a purely OT, or an OT/IT convergent environment.

Defender NANO
Defender MINI
Defender XL
Defender 2U
Defender IP65