Interstates is a dynamic and growing provider of complex industrial design-build electrical services, plant floor automation, and mission-critical operational technology solutions to numerous industries. When you work with Interstates, you’ll have a strategic partner every step of the way — a partner with the industry expertise and prior history to anticipate problems and thoughtfully recommend bold, innovative solutions.

System Integrator Details

Company Strengths

We deliver design, installation, and support solutions built on industrial cybersecurity for the hardware and software systems that control and monitor crucial equipment in your facility. From traditional and software-defined networking to virtualization to endpoint protection and support, we’ll draw on our wide range of controls expertise across OT environments to provide a secure and cost-effective solution.

Offerings to the Market

Interstates offers comprehensive operational technology solutions for your plants that meet your growing needs. Whether you partner with us on a single service, ongoing service and support, or a complete multi-service project, our IT/OT experts will work alongside you to keep you informed and bring opportunities to light. Our approach helps you move forward with security, compliance, and reliability through innovation and collaboration while maintaining the control you need to keep your facility running efficiently.

System Integrator Industry Focus