Sandalwood designs and executes strategic programs for manufacturers to optimize gains and reduce risks to quality, productivity and employee health. By providing knowledge, research, technology and resources, Sandalwood supports its clients from the executive level to the factory floor.

System Integrator Details

Company Strengths

OT/ICS Cyber Security including Policy & Procedure Assessment, Asset Inventory, Gap Analysis and Compliance Checks, Network Monitoring & Anti-Malware/Windows patching installation, and Auditing services.

Offerings to the Market

Systems Integration – Sandalwood combines a thorough understanding of the manufacturing environment with strong technical expertise to define, plan and execute plant floor technology solutions for our customers. Systems Engineering – Sandalwood’s team has delivered consulting, engineering and program management solutions to clients for over 30 years. Injury Prevention – Sandalwood designs and executes strategic programs for many diverse work environments to reduce their work-related risks and improve the interaction or human factors associated with process, equipment and machinery.

System Integrator Industry Focus