DYNICS Partners with AnyLog to Provide Efficient Data Management Solution

The collaboration enables edge deployments of all sizes and accelerates digital transformation

ANN ARBOR, MIApril 25, 2024DYNICS, a leader in industrial automation, announced collaboration with AnyLog, a provider of a Virtual Edge Data Platform. The companies present a groundbreaking solution for the management and utilization of data at the edge.

DYNICS’ ICS360.Fusion provides connectivity to the industry’s PLCs and sensors and the companies together offer an end-to-end solution that transforms the edge into a virtual data lake (and allowing data to remain in-place). This cutting-edge system is unique in the industry, and is capable of managing, storing, and querying distributed edge data, with high degree of automation, and without the need to centralize the data.

The platform replaces multi-month proprietary edge projects with an out-of-the-box solution. It enables real-time processing and AI at the edge, provides integrated unified technology for edge use cases, eliminates proprietary software stacks and data silos, and reduces dependency on data transfers to the cloud, and cloud services.

The extended functionality at the edge transcends the boundaries of distributed edge nodes by establishing a unified edge setup that operates as a single, optimized machine. This setup efficiently manages and services edge data to edge and cloud applications in real-time and without intermediaries.

All of these cutting-edge capabilities are achieved effortlessly with zero-touch software, with zero risk, without changes to existing infrastructure, and at a fraction of the current costs.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with DYNICS. Our collaboration introduces a virtual layer at the edge, enabling the seamless querying of distributed data and monitoring of distributed edge resources from a single point. The Plug & Play functionalities make this approach a default choice for edge projects, stated Moshe Shadmon, founder, and CEO of AnyLog. “Edge projects are actively seeking technologies that drive efficiencies, facilitate immediate go-to-market strategies, enhance security, and unlock new revenue streams”.

“ICS360.Fusion provides operators with even greater visibility into and control over the stream of data running between resources whether they are on the plant floor or IIoT technology out on the edge,” said Jeff Smith, CTO of DYNICS. “We’re excited to be collaborating with AnyLog to bring an efficient data management solution to the market.”

Together, AnyLog and DYNICS provide a path to enable edge deployments of all sizes, accelerate their digital transformation, especially with the adoption of the wave of new Enterprise AI applications in distributed environments.

About AnyLog

AnyLog is a leading provider of innovative data management solutions, committed to empowering organizations with actionable insights derived from their edge data. Utilizing open and standard APIs, and with a high degree of automation, AnyLog focuses on leveraging blockchain technologies and distributed computing to provide an end-to-end data platform at the edge. As a pioneer in leveraging the blockchain for data virtualization, AnyLog enables real-time insights without centralizing the data. By delivering a virtual data layer as the edge, AnyLog is revolutionizing the way data is collected, processed, and serviced to the applications.


DYNICS traces its beginnings to 1988 with the founding of Ann Arbor Technologies. Established in 1997, DYNICS has 20 years of experience creating quality industrial hardware, data acquisition and visualization software, along with OT Cybersecurity solutions for the industrial marketplace. DYNICS proudly designs and builds industrial hardware in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States and develops software and OT cybersecurity solutions from our headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our products are proudly MADE IN AMERICA.


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