Flexible and scalable connectivity to OT devices, enterprise resources, and the Cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure

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Product Information

ICS360.Fusion provides users the ability to connect to OT devices, enterprise resources, and cloud service providers such as Amazon WebServices (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. The uses for ICS360.Fusion are countless and customers who deploy the product often report that they use Fusion for much more than originally intended due to it’s flexibility and scalability.


Connect to numerous resources from plant floor devices, enterprise assets, and cloud services
All of these resources are available to ICS360.Fusion flows and dashboards
Example: Browse and create a PLC resource to read/write tags in ICS360.Fusion
Decide what tags to use in ICS360.Fusion from the potentially thousands of tags in the PLC and abstract them from the PLC type so ICS360.Fusion doesn’t care if they are from a Rockwell PLC or a Siemens PLC (for example).
Create Flows to perform a wide variety of tasks, including, but not limited to read/write a PLC, read/write a database, read/write Microsoft Excel files, interact with a REST API, send emails and texts, etc.
Create connections to enterprise resources as well (Example: SQL Server) and read/write test queries in real time with a graphical query editor
Make decisions based upon other events, triggers, time, or just pass data through from a PLC to a Database (for example)
Query a database for information with an easy-to-use graphical query builder
Create visualization and easy to use dashboards
Editing widgets that respond during editing to show the user how they will look when saved