ICS360.DCC (Cybersecurity Console)

Monitor assets via asset detection deployed to ICS360.Defenders, remote users, and easily create, retrieve, and restore backups to individual ICS360.Defenders.

Product Information

The Dynics Cybersecurity Console (DCC) provides users with a single pane of glass to view and manage as many or as few ICS360.Defenders (ICS360.Defender) or ICS360.IAM (user access for shop floor PCs) as desired.  Fleet management of rules, rulesets, users, user groups, devices, device groups and aliases can be completed simply and quickly by creating collections of configuration options that can be quickly deployed to a system without a loss of production or requiring system downtime.


  • Common rulesets
  • Custom rulesets for specific needs
  • Firewall rule audits
  • Common look and feel with other Dynics products
  • 3rd Party API Integration
  • Scheduled Deployments of users, rules, rulesets, and aliases etc.
  • Reporting and Analysis