ICS360.IAM (Identity Access Mgmt.)

Uncontrolled access to critical PC assets can significantly increase the likelihood of successful attacks or accidents. Therefore, solutions must consider both un-networked systems and those on a corporate network.

Product Information

Managing user access cannot be a full-time job, especially when dealing with users on standalone PCs which are difficult to manage. Requiring users to log in and log out of workstations or an HMI can be time-consuming and pose challenges due to the nature of modern control software. Additionally, there are often many process-specific PCs that are not connected to an enterprise, such as those supplied by tool suppliers or press controllers, which may not be capable of or supported for connection to the enterprise.

thumbnail_Screenshot #1

The image shows a locked PC/HMI.

thumbnail_Screenshot #2

The image shows when you touch the mouse and keyboard or touchscreen.

Direct Integration with ICS360.DCC

Also, IAM (Identity Access Management) can be managed by ICS360.DCC (Cybersecurity Console) so many instances can be managed from one place.