DYNICS Unveils Next-Generation Enhancements to Signature Cybersecurity Console for OT Environments

New features improve control, user, management, and scalability functions

ANN ARBOR, MI – October 12, 2023 — DYNICS, a global leader in industrial cybersecurity solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of additional updates to the DYNICS Cybersecurity Console (DCC), the company’s premier critical infrastructure protection product. Through a suite of powerful features, the state-of-the-art platform further streamlines the management of deployed ICS360.Defenders, DYNICS’ family of system guards for operational technology (OT) environments.

As industrial control systems become more interconnected, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been greater. With the DYNICS Cybersecurity Console, organizations can proactively defend against cyber threats and ensure the resilience of their operations. Already serving as a one-stop-shop that allows users to monitor assets via detection deployed to ICS360.Defenders and control remote identity access management for plant floor PCs with ICS360.IAM, the platform now includes:

  • Enhanced rulesets: providing more granular control over network traffic and ensuring that only authorized communication is allowed.
  • Improved ease of use: offering a more intuitive interface.
  • Centralized Management: seamless handling and monitoring of multiple ICS360.Defenders from a single, centralized console.
  • Scalability: the console is designed to meet organizational needs from small networks to vast infrastructure.

“This is a game-changer for OT environments, providing enhanced control, visibility, and peace of mind in an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape. With the improvements applied to the DYNICS Cybersecurity Console, facility teams are further empowered to safeguard the critical infrastructure that they oversee,” said Jeff Smith, CTO of DYNICS.

Enhancements to the DYNICS Cybersecurity Console follow suit with a string of enrichments that the company has recently introduced to its portfolio of products, including ICS360.Fusion, ICS360.DCC’s firewall management, and ICS360.Defender.

For more information, product specifications, or to request a demonstration, please visit our website at dynics.com or contact our sales team at (734) 677-6100 or sales@dynics.com.


DYNICS traces its beginnings to 1988 with the founding of Ann Arbor Technologies. Established in 1997, DYNICS has 20 years of experience creating quality industrial hardware, data acquisition and visualization software, along with OT Cybersecurity solutions for the industrial marketplace. DYNICS proudly designs and builds industrial hardware in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States and develops software and OT cybersecurity solutions from our headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our products are proudly MADE IN AMERICA.


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