OT Cyber | From the Plant Floor Up: History of DYNICS and What the Future Holds

We’re back with a special new episode of OT Cyber | From the Plant Floor Up featuring host Jeff Smith, Rob Grove, VP of Sales at DYNICS, and Chris Gibbs, Chief Revenue Officer at DYNICS. The three got together to share the story of DYNICS, its history, foundation, and future direction.

In the episode you will learn:
  • The history of DYNICS, its foundation, and the problems it aims to solve
  • How DYNICS (which started in 1997) has evolved from manufacturing industrial computer hardware with a focus on modularity and serviceability to becoming a leader in OT cybersecurity software and hardware solutions
  • How DYNICS plans to continue expanding its software cybersecurity offerings while maintaining its hardware excellence to address the evolving needs of customers in the industrial sector
  • The importance of visibility and control for plant managers, even if they do not directly handle cybersecurity, as DYNICS’ tools offer value beyond cybersecurity
  • What the future holds: highlighting the company’s growth, product development, and commitment to solving industry challenges with effective and efficient solutions
OT Cyber | From the Plant Floor Up is a podcast focused on diving into the latest innovations and developments in the industrial control systems and cybersecurity space.

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