DYNICS Announces Partnership with Sandalwood Engineering and Ergonomics

DYNICS and Sandalwood come together to increase industrial workplace safety by strengthening cybersecurity solutions

ANN ARBOR, MI – July 20, 2022 — DYNICS, a leading creator of quality hardware and software solutions for the industrial marketplace, announced today a new partnership with Sandalwood Engineering and Ergonomics. This strategic alliance brings together the companies’ individual expertise and shared interest in cybersecurity to introduce all-encompassing manufacturing tools that ensure employee and productivity protection.

“It is our mission to create resources that make plant floors as safe as possible, which aligns with Sandalwood’s focus on reducing work-related risks. We both recognize that doing so in today’s environment increasingly means paying attention to cybersecurity, especially considering trends like the growing use of IoT. Through a collective effort, we can create technical innovations that are relevant to this reality and prevent facilities from experiencing incidents that can disrupt the processes and people that keep them operating,” said Jeff Smith, CTO at DYNICS.

With the addition of Sandalwood to its portfolio of partners, DYNICS strengthens its commitment to modernizing and securing the process of automation. Inspired by the need to support the automotive industry navigate the development of advanced manufacturing technologies, Sandalwood has spent decades expanding its services and building its presence as a premier consulting firm offering clients access to risk management programming. Together, DYNICS and Sandalwood seek to assist organizations across the industrial space adopt cybersecurity standards and practices that fit individual needs and satisfy evolving requirements stemming from the widening cyber threat landscape.

“Sandalwood’s recent partnership with DYNICS allows us to provide comprehensive and cost-effective OT cyber security solutions to our customers that reduce their productivity risks and increase their peace of mind.  By combining Sandalwood’s deep OT cyber security knowledge and expertise with DYNICS hardware, software and complete OT cybersecurity solutions, we create a powerful team for our customers,” said Paul Lagroix, Director of Systems Integration Services. “We leverage the complete DYNICS platform, enabling our customers to satisfy their ever-increasing OT cybersecurity requirements.”


DYNICS traces its beginnings to 1988 with the founding of Ann Arbor Technologies. Established in 1997, DYNICS has 20 years of experience creating quality industrial hardware solutions for the marketplace by designing, building, and servicing our systems from its headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our products are proudly MADE IN AMERICA.

About Sandalwood Engineering & Ergonomics

Sandalwood is a Professional Services firm. Sandalwood designs and executes strategic programs for manufacturers which reduce their work-related risks to quality, productivity and employee health. By providing knowledge, research, technology and resources, Sandalwood supports its clients from the executive level to the factory floor. For more information about Sandalwood’s strategic partners visit https://sandalwood.com/partners/



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