OT Cyber | From the Plant Floor Up: ICS360.Fusion Special

After a brief hiatus, we’re back with a special new episode of OT Cyber | From the Plant Floor Up with DYNICS’ Chief Revenue Officer, Chris Gibbs, and CTO, Jeff Smith. 

The two cover the latest release of ICS360.Fusion and highlight its new features, some of which include: 

  • Greater visibility into and control over the stream of data running between resources.
  • Unsolicited Listeners for reduced network loading, C# operator for custom functionality, and additional tools like Flow Comments and File Watching.
  • Improved connectivity to various devices, including PLCs from manufacturers such as Rockwell and Siemens, ensuring critical data availability and real-time communication across enterprise levels.

Learn more about the ICS360.Fusion 2.1.0 here.

OT Cyber | From the Plant Floor Up is a podcast focused on diving into the latest innovations and developments in the industrial control systems and cybersecurity space.

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