DYNICS Announces Partnership with Veracity Industrial Networks and their Net-Optix Software Defined Networking Controller for OT

Amid growing cybersecurity concerns, the new product offers a streamlined solution to protecting industrial operational networks

ANN ARBOR, MI – June 28, 2022DYNICS, a leading creator of quality hardware, software and OT cybersecurity solutions for the industrial marketplace, officially announced their partnership with Veracity Industrial Networks around Software Defined Networking (SDN) and the Veracity Net-Optix controller. DYNICS has provided significant product direction and insight into the development and design of the Net-Optix controller by virtue of their close relationship with Veracity.  The Net-Optix SDN controller used in conjunction with DYNICS’ SDN Industrial Ethernet switches deliver new features enhancing systems’ communication and modernizing security capabilities to meet the demands facing plant floor operators today.

“With more than 20 years spent strengthening our expertise in OT networks and OT Cybersecurity, we understand the complexities that come along with the evolving state of infrastructure and industrial management. The increase in connectivity and automation is making the prioritization of organized security implementation more important than ever before,” said Jeff Smith, CTO at DYNICS. “Net-Optix was developed with plant floor personnel in mind and seeks to remove the complications from this process.”

Offering customized cost plans based on the size of the network, Net-Optix comes with a range of problem-solving services that not only seek to provide efficiency, but also stand up to the shifting field of cybersecurity threats greatly impacting infrastructure safety. Run by a zero-trust security level model, the product centralizes switches overseeing authorized and unauthorized communication between devices. It also provides a singular place for operators to review up-to-date network information as well as simple traffic engineering options. 

“From speed to comprehensiveness, there are several qualities that our clients look for, and security is rapidly climbing that list. Through Net-Optix, our team can present them with a product that checks all those boxes as they re-configure how best to run their OT networks,” said Doug Post, President at Interstates, a fellow premier partner of Veracity Industrial Networks alongside DYNICS and Net-Optix user.

To learn more about Net-Optix for SDN, visit: https://dynics.com/net-optix-for-sdn/.


Established in 1997 DYNICS has 20 years of creating quality industrial hardware, software, and OT cybersecurity solutions for the marketplace by designing, building, and servicing systems from its headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan and with the acquisition of Ann Arbor Technologies the company traces its beginnings to 1988. DYNICS products are proudly MADE IN AMERICA.


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