DYNICS Levels Up Firewall Management with Cutting-Edge Security-Focused Product

Enhancements to ICS360.DCC have been introduced to further empower OT and ICS professionals amid rising cybersecurity concerns

ANN ARBOR, MI – July 13, 2023 — In its mission to strengthen OT and ICS cybersecurity, DYNICS, a leading creator of quality hardware and software solutions for the industrial marketplace, has upgraded its top-tier cybersecurity console product to better serve the manufacturing and critical infrastructure sectors. ICS360.DCC now features additional capabilities that further streamline daily protective measures and consolidate configuration changes on individual industrial firewalls.

“Plant floor and other industrial facility leaders are up against an increasingly complex threat landscape, supply chain, and fleet of devices, which means that upholding stringent cybersecurity measures is more important than ever. It is our mission to cut the stress around navigating all of this,” said Jeff Smith, CTO of DYNICS.

Traditionally, cybersecurity solutions have mostly revolved around IT networks. With ICS360.DCC, operators and manufacturers are provided with a product created specifically with their OT and ICS needs in mind. This is particularly relevant considering that the number of reported OT attacks increased by as much as 140% between 2020 and 2021, according to McKinsey.

ICS360.DCC has been carefully enhanced to improve Firewall deployment and maintenance and to keep teams informed about their OT assets. By integrating ICS360.DCC, operators can conveniently manage all firewalls, rulesets, access to OT devices,  plant floor PCs, and aliased device groups simultaneously from a single OT cybersecurity console. Additionally, the console makes backup management more consistent. In conjunction with DYNICS’ other tool, ICS360.Defender, ICS360.DCC users can automatically receive backups upon configuration changes.

“Ease, efficiency, and effectiveness are the key pillars behind the enhancements that we’ve integrated into ICS360.DCC. Through its evolution, ICS360.DCC makes it possible to maintain productivity and strong security defenses,” continued Smith.

To learn more about ICS360.DCC and DYNICS’ accompanying suite of cybersecurity tools and solutions, visit https://dynics.com/product/ics360-dcc-cybersecurity-console/.


DYNICS traces its beginnings to 1988 with the founding of Ann Arbor Technologies. Established in 1997, DYNICS has 20 years of experience creating quality industrial hardware, data acquisition and visualization software, along with OT Cybersecurity solutions for the industrial marketplace. DYNICS proudly designs and builds industrial hardware in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States and develops software and OT cybersecurity solutions from our headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our products are proudly MADE IN AMERICA.


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