Improve the Efficiency of Your Plant Floor with ICS360.Fusion

Looking to improve the efficiency of your plant floor, but not sure where to start?

Introducing ICS360.Fusion from DYNICS: End-to-end software designed to streamline your workflows and enhance your projects by unlocking — and sharing — available data.

Here’s how it works:

ICS360.Fusion creates flows between devices on the plant floor, devices from the plant floor to the enterprise and back. Users can then access, view, and analyze data provided in nearly real-time to run their plants more efficiently.

Whether you need your data on the plant floor, the enterprise, or the cloud, ICS360.Fusion will create the flow to connect the endpoints and move the data in the required timeframe.

Take ICS360.Fusion for a test drive; explore the possible, streamline your workflows, and enhance your projects by downloading a fully functional time-limited trial of ICS360.Fusion at


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