Industry Insights: Offering a Unique Value Proposition

In May, DYNICS headed to Automate 2024, the leading automation event in North America. While we were there, a few recurring themes popped up, with many being ones we covered in our previous Industry Insights posts. Of course, there were the standard zero-trust conversations, but there were also reiterations of the need to help operators identify faster, more efficient cybersecurity solutions, especially as they advance other tech.

Takeaways from Automate 2024

Not only did Automate 2024 experience a 40% increase in registrants, with a total of 42,895, but it also hosted 867 exhibitors. Many of these exhibitors were focused on robotics in the manufacturing setting, as well as corresponding AI. Although robotics sales have slowed slightly, research company Interact Analysis predicts that it will increase again by 2025. This includes the growing use of “AMRs and computer vision in logistics and warehouses,” according to Roberto Michel at Modern Materials Handling.

Serving an Increasingly Automated Industry

As companies invest in such emerging technologies, in turn enhancing their digital landscape, cybersecurity is a necessary element. But as we stated above, manufacturers and other operators need cybersecurity to be quick as well as easy to use. DYNICS solves the quick aspect by instilling a protection-led method. This limits your attack surface for a more effective, efficient result. You can read more about that in our last Industry Insights. The other point on easy-to-use ties back to several of the conversations we had while at Automate. There seemed to be a growing recognition that protection and cybersecurity is everyone’s job. So not only is visibility key, but everyone needs to have an understanding of how the suite of cybersecurity solutions work, whether that is  the network people, the controls people, etc.

Made in America: A Unique Value Proposition

But it wasn’t just these kinds of solutions that helped to set DYNICS apart from other exhibitors. We also pride ourselves on crafting our products at our own premises in the United States. This provides us with a deep knowledge of what goes into all of our offerings, which means that we can more easily customize them to individual customer needs. We even made sure that our booth reflected that. In addition to building, it ourselves, including the featured design and structure, we demonstrated how we can uniquely craft standard compute platforms such as touchscreens and visualization boards to specific requirements.


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